Setting new standards

Industry-leading protocols in health and transportation

Material Science. Engineering Excellence.

Technologically advanced materials and precision performance

Business Bottom-line

Higher long-term asset value and return of investment

Wabash Tank Trailers

Excellence in safety, innovation, and engineering.

Wabash craftsmen design and manufacture the industry’s leading tank trailers. Our deep-rooted expertise and exceptional workmanship, engineering excellence, and advancements in material science results in tanks you can count on to deliver. 

With a full line of stainless steel and aluminum tank trailers, we serve a wide range of industries. Our tank trailers feature the longest asset life and highest residual values in the industry, and are designed to safeguard communities, the environment, and the health of consumers.

  • Food, Dairy & Beverage

  • Environmental

  • Chemical 

  • Construction

  • Refined Fuel

  • Agriculture

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