Dry Vans with DuraPlate Cell Core Technology

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We've Upped the Game in the Conventional Dry Van Haul

Exceptional Durability. Best-in-Class Weight.

America's favorite dry van features DuraPlate Cell Core Technology, Wabash's composite panel breakthrough that reduces trailer weight by 300 lbs. per 53’ trailer—all without compromising strength or durability. Plus, from the damage- and corrosion-resistant components, to the LED light system, the Wabash Dry Van with DuraPlate Cell Core Technology lasts longer and delivers resale values among the highest in the industry.


"It is unbelievable, the amount of abuse that a Wabash trailer can take."

– Jeff Frost, OW Logistics

DuraPlate Cell Core Technology

We've answered the need for a lighter-weight trailer without compromising the rugged performance you’ve come to expect from Wabash's original DuraPlate. Engineered cellular structures in DuraPlate Cell Core panels reduce weight without sacrificing strength or durability. Fleet-tested performance in high-cycle and high-use environments confirms: our standard dry vans with DuraPlate Cell Core Technology stand up to extreme loading and unloading, all while hauling more per load, saving fuel and increasing revenue per mile.

Built to Perform

  • DuraPlate Cell Core panel construction provides best-in-class durability and weight
  • Lighter weight sidewalls for fuel savings, more cargo capacity and freight flexibility in back hauls
  • Highest standard floor rating in the industry (20,000 lb.) for heavier payloads, high-cycle loading and unloading, and longer floor life
  • Proprietary TrustLock® Plus System eases door operation, and secures door within 3” of the sidewall to prevent damage when loading/unloading
  • Flush Mount Intermediate Logistics (shown below), available on 16.6” and 25” centers, eliminate snag points, prevent cargo damage, and protect from corrosives entering the logistic cavity


DuraPlate PUP Vans

  • Conventional DuraPlate sidewalls and trailer performance in a 28’ pup design
  • High-strength, bonded DuraPlate sidewalls support specialty load securement and decking systems
  • Galvanized components resist corrosion
  • Heavy-duty door track protection prevents damage and downtime
  • Optional DuraPlate Cell Core sidewalls
  • Converter Dollies, constructed with high-strength 50 KSI steel with galvanized frame and hangers, are also available

Lighter Weight.
Same Durability.

Optimize your business with the nation's most innovative and cost-effective Wabash Dry Van.

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