Employing a Sustainable Approach to All Designs

Purposeful Innovation

At Wabash, we work with our customers to create purposeful, innovative products that lower operating costs, enhance productivity, extend equipment life and build in better safety and sustainability. 

DuraPlate Composite Technology

In 1996, our DuraPlate® composite panels revolutionized semi-trailer sidewalls with durability and damage resistance that remain second-to-none. In 2019, we introduced our lighter-weight DuraPlate Technology in our Dry Vans with DuraPlate HD Cell Core Technology, enabling fleets to haul more with the same performance they’ve come to expect from original DuraPlate. Wabash continues to evolve DuraPlate and other composites in our ongoing objective to raise the bar in performance of our own of dry freight trailers and truck bodies, as well as a growing body of industries and manufacturers.

EcoNex Technology

The features of EcoNex™ Technology, Wabash's breakthrough molded structural composite, brings new levels of thermal performance and sustainability to our Refrigerated Solutions customers. EcoNex panels are manufactured under a carbon footprint-conscious use of resources and feature unsurpassed thermal, strength, and weight-saving properties, stirring new operational and environmental efficiencies for carriers.

Fiber-reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Wabash brings next-level advantages to corrosives hauling with our FRP Corrosives Tank Trailers. Our FRP advanced composite is made of scientifically-tested resins, catalysts and curing agents, providing significant structural advantages in a strong, yet much lighter, tank. Wabash's exciting FRP alternative to traditional stainless steel tank trailers increases payload, and extends asset life.

Duplex Stainless Steel

Duplex Stainless Steel (UNS32205) offers higher tensile strength and corrosion resistance properties over traditional 316L stainless to promote a longer asset life, better uptime and overall asset utilization. With our special permit, Wabash use of duplex stainless in our tank trailers offers up to triple the corrosion allowance of traditional 316L and, ultimately, lower out-of-service rates.

Trailer Telematics

We believe predictive analytics are the future of efficient fleet operations. Applying telematics—real-time monitoring and analysis of performance and environmental data—to transportation equipment will allow drivers to increase performance, reduce maintenance and prolong equipment life. Working with leading technology providers, we configure and install these systems to optimize data collection and delivery. 

TrustLock® Plus

Reduce risk of door damage with a more secure, easier-to-operate TrustLock Plus door system. Our proprietary system not only improves door operation for the driver, it locks the door within 3” of the trailer sidewall to prevent door damage when loading/unloading. That’s 50% closer than traditional hook and chain holdbacks.

MaxClearance™ Overhead Door System

Increase usable cargo space, reduce maintenance and minimize downtime with an overhead door system that offers the clearance of swing doors. Our MaxClearance system lifts the door to full horizontal position, locks the door behind the header, and eliminates both door hang and the need for secondary hold devices. The counterbalance assembly features a unique winding gear that reduces spring winding hazards and prevents backlash while eliminating the need for manual winding.

Bonding Technology

Our ground-breaking bonding technology removes the need for metal fasteners—reducing snag points and creating watertight connections. Used in nose, roof, sidewall and component applications, our bonding technology maintains structural integrity and requires less maintenance than traditional rivets.

Trailer Aerodynamics

Wabash was the first trailer OEM to pioneer its own side skirt to improve fuel economy. Utilizing advanced testing and fluid dynamics modeling, Wabash continues to seek high-performing aerodynamic solutions that are EPA SmartWay and CARB compliant. Our impact-resistant AeroSkirt with DuraPlate® Technology or AeroSkirt CX® can save fleets up to 4.2% in fuel.

Upper ID/Aux Lighting Systems

Wabash is taking major steps toward reducing risk in multi-vehicle collisions by leading with best-in-class lighting systems. The goal is to improve braking visibility to trailing vehicles, with necessary anticipation of decelerating events.