Intelligent Thermal Management

Regardless of where you operate in the transportation, logistics and distribution value chain, Wabash AcuthermTM helps you thrive in situations where thermal management is a challenge, all while driving your company’s overall levels of productivity and efficiency.

The Acutherm Difference

Wabash Acutherm is an “intelligent system” of components, products and solutions that intuitively maintains desired temperature state regardless of application or environmental conditions. Whether you need to keep hot things hot or cold things cold, its proprietary technology ensures thermal consistency over time. The lighter weight, thermal advantages and insulative benefits of Acutherm solutions do NOT require sacrifice in structural integrity—providing an ideal substitute for more traditional materials such as steel, aluminum and wood.

Wabash Acutherm Solutions Deliver

Materials Innovation
Technological advancements, such as EcoNexTM, result in higher levels of thermal performance and a more favorable carbon footprint.

Breadth and Versatility
Temperature states can be maintained regardless of application or environmental conditions.

Operational and Financial Benefits
Thermal advantages, and unique insulative, lightweight, and structural properties translate directly into superior operational and financial benefits.

The Wabash Acutherm Portfolio