The Science of Possibility

Advanced composite technology brings new levels of performance.

Propelling the industry with advanced composite technologies

Future-Forward Focus

Wabash's uninhibited drive to develop advanced material technologies is bringing new benefits the industry. We dedicate resources and partner with those who complement our expertise and share in Wabash's vision to turn big ideas into real, problem-solving solutions. 


In 1996, Wabash revolutionized the transportation industry with the introduction of DuraPlate, our composite technology solution that brought higher performance, more durability and lighter weight to transportation. Today, trailers and truck bodies constructed with DuraPlate are known to be the most durable and longest lasting on the road. DuraPlate is also a high-potential option in markets beyond transportation, such as aviation and marine.


EcoNex Technology is Wabash's latest composite technology breakthrough. A high-performance molded structural composite technology, EcoNex wields sustainability benefits because of its environmentally-conscious manufacturing process and end-product benefits. Only Wabash Refrigerated Vans are made with EcoNex, delivering groundbreaking levels of thermal performance and weight savings, and lower lifetime operational cost. Fleets are also enabled to meet challenging TRU regulatory requirements and make strides toward achieving ambitious sustainability objectives. 

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