Custom Fabrication

Walker EP - Custom  590x415

Never a cookie-cutter approach

Meeting your needs with care. 

Wabash's accomplished craftsmen and highly experienced design team use dedicated resources and advanced technology to develop solutions for specialized applications. Using a detailed process approved by ASME, CRN and PED, we also work closely with customers for their hydroformed tank head requirements.

Using hydroforming to form our heads eliminates residual stress points. So, heads can be routed directly into the fabrication facility—mitigating costs and shortening delivery time. With the flexibility of custom fabrication and the fast turnaround time of hydroformed tank heads, Wabash delivers equipment that meets performance requirements while streamlining business processes. 

Custom fabrication

  • Meets or exceeds regulatory requirements
  • Draws on experienced technical acumen
  • Fits any specialized application
  • Reduces overhead inventory requirements
  • Delivers flexibility to meet the most detailed or stringent specifications

Hydroformed tank heads

  • Eliminate residual stress points
  • Deliver savings in tool and machining costs
  • Enable quicker turn-around time and delivery

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